power from passion

I am high on life.

It sounds corny I know, but it’s true.

I feel alive. My heart feels bigger and is brimming with gratitude.

All because I truly LOVE what I do.

I have just finished a group vision and goal coaching session. This is one of my biggest passions, and when expressed, a powerful energy flows through me. I feel like I can accomplish anything! (To read my post on living your passion click here)

I haven’t always felt this way. In fact, this is probably the first time in my life. And it’s solely the result of consistently focusing on what I love:

communication. inspiration. personal growth.

By focusing on these things, I have brought more of what I love into my life. It’s the law of attraction working.

For me, the barrier between work and play has been removed. I don’t live for the weekends, I no longer dread Monday or celebrate Friday. I have a true balance in my life. My time ebbs and flows effortlessly between my personal, professional and social lives.

To tell the truth, I never really believed it was possible to feel this way. A few years ago I thought that stress, anxiety and the pressure of the daily grind were just part of life. Nope, turns out it was just part of the wrong life for me.

I yearned for something more. I made some big changes. And with those changes opened up new possibilities.

I now know my purpose.

I know what I was put on this earth to do. I have found my happiness through teaching happiness.

Its taken many years for me to stand in this place, and I’m forever grateful for the winding journey. I dedicated a lot of time towards self exploration and enquiry. It was frustrating at times, wanting to know all the answers right NOW! I tried to remain patient, as I knew that with time what I was searching for would come organically.

I now know more about myself, and as a result feel more connected to who I truly am. To what’s authentically me.

So my advice to you – get out of your head, and listen to what your heart is saying.

Listen again .  .  .  listen harder.

Your body intrinsically knows what it truly desires.

What do you LOVE to do? The more you pay attention to your heart – to your passions, to what excites you – the clearer the message will become.

It will become so loud that you can no longer ignore it, or push it aside for a rainy day.

It will force you to act upon it, and your life will never be the same again.


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In this week's BLOG: LOSS OF HABITAT I explore our loss of the natural world, and how this correlates to the decline of the feminine. I believe they go hand in hand 🙏🏼. . If you are feeling saddened or disillusioned with our recent election results, this may shine a new perspective on the current issues we're facing. . Remember - you ARE nature, you are not separate from it 🌲🌲🌲. . “To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.” — Terry Tempest Williams. . 🌲🌲🌲 To read on click on the link in my bio 👆🏼to follow through to the blog.
The cooler months ahead should be a time of lovingly turning our focus inwards. A time to reflect, nourish ourselves & restore. But for many, this brings up hella anxiety & discomfort! . Is this you? . Cue busy-ing yourself with activities, social dates, binge watching Netflix, numbing your feelings with food or alcohol. Anything to escape & distract you from your thoughts & feelings. . It can be really hard for many people simply just to BE in their own company. . This makes me sad to see how disconnected we’ve become from ourselves. Because this mind, this body, this soul - it’s the only one we have! Let’s learn to love living there. . The SOULFUL SOLITUDE: Reflect & Restore Workshop this Friday night with @nourishmelbourne is going to be all about this. 💕 . A life coaching session with me, followed by a divine sound bath healing by @balancedbyashleighbell with Reiki at my favourite tree house space @thebeatt_melb 🌲! . Tickets available through @nourishmelbourne events - I think there’s only a couple left so be quick! . So excited to hold space for this magical event! 🙌🏼✨💫✨
Our only home, the Earth, is in crisis. It’s pretty serious too, we are in the midst of an existential threat to civilisation itself. . Global warming (a man-made problem) is the greatest threat that mankind has faced in thousands of years; . There has been a wipeout of over 60% of vegetation & species in the past 50 years. . The Great Barrier Reef is dead. . The ice is melting. And rising sea levels have the potential to wipe out millions of people. . There is plastic literally choking our planet’s oceans, land & rivers. . We are experiencing horrendous drought, Bushfires & storms. . We’re in the midst of an extinction crisis - over 1 million species face extinction. . We could be next. . All of this, and YET NOTHING IS HAPPENING! . Worse, we actively voted in a party that doesn’t even TALK about climate change, little own take any meaningful action. . I’ve never been a “political person”, but I think I have just become one. #sorrynotsorry . . I’m angry, sad, and in shock that our nation is not standing together to make a difference to the world we are currently destroying. . Our very existence depends on it. . Wake up to the REAL issues. . I deeply believe so much of this stems to our total disconnection. From ourselves, from each other & most importantly - from the natural world. . I vow to continue connecting people to nature. You are not separate from nature, you ARE nature. . What we do to her, we do to ourselves. . 🌊🌲🌏🌲🌊 #protecttheearth #climatechange #votegreens #savetheplanet #biophilia #thereisnoplanetb #lovetheearth 📷 c/o @happylionfilms
The energy, the power, the force behind this giant waterfall was tangible. . Walking behind it & feeling the water spray all over my body was next level 🙌🏼. . I left this rainforest feeling so energised, clear & grounded. We are so lucky to have such stunning natural beauty all around us.
A constant challenge as a human being is to meet ourselves where we are at - without judgement. . Being ok with not being ok is a constant practice. And a moment by moment choice that springs from self awareness. . Self compassion is the ultimate form of unconditional self love, because it says “it’s ok that I’m not perfect, it’s ok that I may mistakes, it’s ok that I fall down sometimes, it’s ok that I’m not where I want to be just yet. I love myself anyway, I love myself regardless of my situation.” . It’s OK to be human! Remove the pressure, the judgement, the high expectations of yourself & just be present with where you are right now. 💕 #notetoself
Byron you were magic! 🙌🏼 . Blues Fest, luscious rainforests, waterfalls, snorkelling with leopard sharks, turtles, wobbegongs, reef sharks & boundless fish, amazing high vibe people, delicious food, sunshine & beaches that go on for daaayys. . The perfect place to reset, nourish & rejuvenate. . All shared with best mates, the absolute perfect holiday! ☀️🌴🌊👌🏼. . Feeling very grateful for this getaway. . .
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