your body is your temple

Travelling is one of my biggest passions. I love the adventure that it brings as I journey into the unknown. Exploring new landscapes, cultures, and culinary delights. However eating healthy fresh food while away from home is a constant struggle. One that I experienced on my recent trip.

Your body is a temple. When I treat my body with the reverence of a temple, the results are abundant. I feel alert, light and energetic. Similarly, when I treat it like a garbage disposal, the results are also abundant! A cloudy mind, lacking energy and feeling heavy.

My travel offering to my temple consisted of – wine, gluten (which I’m slightly allergic too) and indulgent meals.

Don’t get me wrong, experimenting with great food while travelling is one of my favourite things. Life is too short to deny ourselves. But I am now more in tune with my body than ever before. I know what works for me, and also what doesn’t.

So now that I’m home, I’m going to make a different offering to my temple. A much greener one.

GREEN SMOOTHIE TO THE RESCUE!!!! (Wearing a super-hero cape. Seriously)

I’ve been drinking green smoothie’s for the last few years now, and I go through major withdrawals without them!

I was first introduced to this liquid gold by an incredible raw food chef Kemi Nekvapkil,ย owner of Kemi’s Raw Kitchen. Kemi creates some of the most delicious raw food I’ve ever wrapped my mouth around.

Green smoothies are a true love of mine. They improve my digestion, make me feel vibrant, brighter eyed, and energetic.




1 banana (or 2 if you want it creamier)

1 kiwi

2 handfuls of spinach (or kale, or bok-choy)

1 orange

1 handful of berries (blueberries are highest in anti-oxidants)

optional – chia seeds, spiralina, ginger, celery, beets, almond milk, cacao nibs, goji berries . . (as you can see, the options are endless!)


Throw these in a blender, cover with water (or my personal favourite – coconut water) and blend until liquified. Voila!

Slam it down for breakie, take it in a flask to work, or store in the fridge for the family (it will last a couple of days).

I guarantee you, your body will thank you for the offering.


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